Login and exit control systems

Smart audio systems that suit all needs and activities, whether service, industrial or commercial. All audio systems and devices used, such as loudspeakers, headphones, etc., are compatible with all other security systems in the facility.

Intelligent audio systems that enable you to control them remotely, be it inside or outside the facility, and are compatible for audio systems for educational institutions, audio systems for mosques, audio systems for conference rooms, amplifiers and evacuation and public appeal systems.

Why get entry and exit systems out of Arkan Pro?

1- Obtain systems and devices approved by the Ministry of Interior, to ensure obtaining services and products that conform to standard specifications.
2- Identification of persons and vehicles authorized to enter.
3- Availability of all types of electronic gates, car entry gates, gates and metal detectors, and entry gates for people
4- Follow up the movements of visitors and vehicles inside the facilities and private properties.
5- Full control over the time periods for opening and closing entry and exit gates.
6- The systems are compatible with all types of gates, as well as warehouse and elevator gates.
7- Availability of multiple technologies to control whether the eye print, handprint, smart card and smart chips.
8- Connecting to the security system to prevent the gates from being opened by force and by sounding alarm sirens when there is danger.
9- Obtaining reports with entry and exit data, and attendance and departure lists for employees.