Surveillance cameras and security systems

Arkan Pro has the latest security systems and surveillance cameras. These systems and various surveillance devices vary according to the various technologies, and  to the needs of the security coverage for each site separately.

Surveillance cameras are also used to save time and effort in following up on all of your projects, or help branches monitor employees better. Which help achieve well-being and safety for everyone.


Why get surveillance cameras from Arkan Pro?

1- Approved by the Saudi Ministry of Interior, which confirms the conformity of the service and devices to the standard specifications by the ministry
2- Multiple technologies to suit all needs
3- High-quality HD surveillance cameras to identify people's faces and details of license plates.
4- Security systems and surveillance cameras suitable for all industrial, commercial, and service activities, as well as surveillance cameras inside the facility
5- Night vision cameras even without lighting thanks to infrared rays
6- Cameras with 360-degree vision lenses
7- The ability to send recorded photos and videos via e-mail
8- The ability to see surveillance cameras on all devices such as mobile phones, television screens and computer screens.
9- Specialized teams to provide the service at the highest level of security